Walking through our door one day, a 30-year-old woman made a heartbreaking declaration. With resolve in her voice, she informed me that she was pregnant and did not want the baby she was carrying. Her mind was made up; her appointment was scheduled for Wednesday that week.

Her main reason for telling me this was that she, being part of our one-year-outpatient program, was going to test positive for painkilling drugs if we tested her after her abortion. While that was her motivation for sharing her plans, God clearly had something different in mind.

Seeing the pain in her eyes, I invited her to sit down with me and talk this through before she followed through on this life-ending decision. She explained that she already had two children that had been taken from her due to her poor choices, and she did not want the responsibility of a new baby. While I gently laid out the impact of her decisions, whether or not she went through with the abortion, I knew I didn’t have the power to change her mind. We prayed, and I encouraged her to continue to pray about this decision.

Immediately after she left, I contacted the TLC prayer circle. While preserving her anonymity, I urged the prayer team to come before God with this matter as she was going to have the procedure in just two days. While it was the desire of some to make another effort to confront this woman face to face, God impressed on me the importance of keeping her confidence while at the same time standing in the gap and praying for her to make the right decision.

God was faithful! Wednesday morning, the day of the scheduled abortion, I received an email stating, “I have chosen to keep the baby.”

Praise God!

Not only do we get to see God use TLC to change lives, but now to save them! God continues to show us his desire and power to do exceedingly beyond all we could ask or imagine.

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