Tod Harris’s Bio

 I was a functioning addict/alcoholic in 1987 when I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Desperate, I sought ANYTHING that would lead me out of my addiction. When I finally found Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) I “saw the light.” But it was in that moment when a fellow AA’er offered to take me deeper into my addiction, that I knew I had to make a choice – either I was going down or I was going to survive. I chose to survive.

I walked through five years of recovery before choosing my Higher Power – Jesus Christ. This is the foundational point regarding my qualification to help others who are struggling with what life brings to them. I have walked the path myself, and I have discovered healthy living.

Today, I have a passion to help others who find themselves struggling with life … whether it’s the result of their choices (such as an addictive cycle), other people’s choices (such as divorce or abandonment), or simply life itself (such as grief due to a loss). In reality, I have been working towards a “Total Life Change” (TLC) Recovery program for 30 years. Throughout those 30 years I have experienced many programs of recovery – both secular and Christ-based. As I journeyed in my own recovery, I grew closer to Christ and began to realize that it was only through His strength and love that I was still sober. I had, in time, realized that Christ Himself was my TLC Recovery.


My commitment to Christ led me to graduate from seminary. And while I love being a pastor and shepherding God’s children, I have an intimate passion for those who feel lost. It is my desire to meet them where they are and bring to them the hope of Christ and a Total Life Change … like I have experienced.

I know life can be challenging when facing addiction. I understand the despair and complete hopelessness one may feel. That is why I created TLC Recovery. When struggling with life’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups, a person needs:

  • A stable place to land
  • A person that can hold them accountable and guide them
  • Someone who will give them helpful tools and show them how to implement them in their daily lives

I believe in creating a foundation built in and on Christ. I believe the seed of success has been planted by God in every person since birth, and that with TLC Recovery the seed will grow.

With God’s help, I have endeavored to pave a path for those looking to end their cycle of addiction. I have established a group of peers that work with TLC Recovery to cultivate the desire to find relief from hurts, habits, and hang-ups. This team includes: Addiction Specialists, Therapists, Spiritual Advisors, and Life Coaches. TLC Recovery and the networking team offer support groups, educational lessons on addiction, and a sacred space where families can heal. 

Experience Adding to my Qualifications:

  • Yosemite Lakes Community Church – Associate Pastor
  • Celebrate Recovery – Pastor, Leader, Developer, and Central California District Rep
  • Northwest Church – Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries
  • Salvation Army & Fresno Rescue Mission – Volunteer Teaching Pastor
  • Sierra Villa Residential Home – Volunteer Pastor, Preaching, Chaplaincy
  • Valley Teen Ranch – Chemical Dependency Director, House Parent & Supervisor
  • Kings View Counseling Center – Educator, Counselor
  • Fresno Juvenile Hall – Director, Christ Centered Recovery Program
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Weekly Speaker, Sponsor, Minister
  • Anger Management – Facilitator Certification
  • Licensed and Ordained


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