What do you do when you really want help but can’t seem to find any?

That was the situation for Chuck (not his real name). We met Chuck when he walked into our office, seeking an out-patient program to help him kick his severe drinking problem. He had just spent half a night in a hospital detoxing off the alcohol, but they could only keep him for a limited number of hours.

He had done this at two different hospitals knowing he couldn’t detox on his own, but each place asked him for insurance to cover the costs – and insurance was not something he had.

Sitting across from me at the office, I asked him, “Do you want to get sober?” He affirmed that he did. I told him the truth, “It’s not going to take much, it will just take everything you’ve got!”

He was a little surprised that I didn’t immediately talk to him about insurance or making a payment. Instead I was able to share with him that we have generous supporters that would cover his costs for a couple of weeks until he could find a job.

“You would do that?” he asked, still uncertain.

I assured him, “Oh yes, we will!”

I let him know that TLC is here to help the lost and hurting and to show them the path of recovery. Yes, it will cost you; yes, you are going to have some skin in the game – but first things first. Let’s get you on the path.

He started our program that very night. And yes, since that day, he has continued in program, has gotten a job, and is faithfully paying his way. He just needed a hand up, and he is so grateful to TLC for filling the need. It is gratitude I pass along to you – thank YOU for recognizing the need and sharing the love and grace of Christ through your prayers and financial giving!

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