Biblical Total Life Change in Fresno, CA

We use Biblical principles along with other great tools to enhance your walk with Christ. We provide Marriage Counseling using the Prepare Enrich Curriculum as well as Wedding and Funeral officiating services.

  • Assess where God has you in life today
  • Awareness of what is important to you
  • Clarify your vision
  • Define your purpose
  • Help your talk match your actions for changes that glorify God in your life

Biblical Life Coaching

Prepare and Enrich Marriage Christian Biblical Counseling

  • Communication: assertive and active listening
  • Personal Stress Profile: Identify most critical issues, balancing priorities, wedding stress
  • Conflict Resolution: resolving conflict, how to take a time-out, seeking & granting forgiveness
  • Financial Management: Money challenges, importance of financial goals, budget worksheet, the meaning of money
  • Leisure Activities: the dating exercise
  • Sex and Affection: the expression of intimacy
  • Relationship Roles: sharing roles
  • Spiritual Beliefs: your spiritual journey
  • Marriage Expectations: managing your expectations
  • Children and Parenting: couple discussion about children, planning a weekly family conference, stepfamilies- choosing realistic expectations
  • Couple and Family Maps: mapping your relationship, closeness exercises, flexibility exercise
  • Personality: scope of your personality
  • Goals: achieving your goals together
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