Juan (not his real name) is at the beginning of his recovery journey. The willingness to change was a long time coming, but he crossed the threshold of TLC just the other day.

An alcoholic for years, he was still struggling to quit. In spite of being involved in 12 Step meetings, Celebrate Recovery, and in serving others, he was unable to break free.

His comment when he came in was that he was desperate to keep his teaching job but also needed to get sober. To achieve both seemed impossible because he didn’t feel willing or able to go to a 30-60 day in-patient program, nor did he want to check into a yearlong program and be gone from his family that long.

When I told him that TLC offers a six-month, three-days-a-week out-patient program in the evening, he almost fell out of his chair, and immediately asked how he could get into such a program!

Total Life Change Outpatient Program

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After meeting with our addiction specialist, he joined the process at TLC and included two additional outside support groups of his choice. The result? It’s working! He joyfully shared in group that for the first time in more than 14 years he experienced a day where he did NOT want to drink. Hope has entered into his life. Praise God!

It’s just the beginning for Juan; but remember, the longest journey in life started with the first step.

Outpatient Program


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